How to use Poongsan Germanium by crop

If you apply fertilizer on foliage and do root irrigation on the crops from the beginning of the growth, it will promote root adhesion and enhance flowering, fertilization, fruit-bearing, and hypertrophy.

Promotes the occurrence of side branches and shortens the interval between joints to suppress the growth of crops.

By flowering, fertilization, fruit-bearing enhancement, fruit crops such as fruit, fruit trees, sesame seeds, and other fruit crops have more flowers and more fruit than normal.

As the leaves get bigger, they get thicker and darker, suppressing aging and increasing photosynthesis, which has excellent hypertrophy effects.

Although the fruits of crops and the spheres of root crops vary by crop, they grow by 50% to 100%.

As the leaves and roots become stronger, the resistance to the disease increases. It has an excellent effect on suppressing the development of major diseases such as anthracnose diseases in peppers and strawberries, etc., powdery mildew diseases in red pepper, melon, etc., downy mildew disease in cucumbers and onions, etc.

Even if the disease occurs, 300 times of an aqueous solution of Poongsan germanium (powder 1kg: 300 liters of water) will stop by applying fertilizer intensively for three times every three days.

In the event of a pest, 300 times of an aqueous solution of Poongsan germanium (1kg powder: 300 liters of water) should be sprayed three times in the morning, evening, and morning to kill it.

When concentrating on the area where pests occur, use powder for rain and irrigation (powder for not dissolving in water) to concentrate on leaves, stems, and fruits.

In other words, if you spray concentrated powder on the spot where the insect or insect gnaws and scratches, it immediately works and the insect dies on the spot or goes to another place to die.

Afterwards, the hazy traces should be washed with plain water to be clean during shipment, but it is convenient because you do not have to wash them if you use as shown below.

How to make an aqueous solution

If you don't have a stirrer that keeps stirring in the chemical bottle, it can be sprayed on the crops or nozzles after a long time, so you should stir it occasionally. During shipment, it is clean without any blurry traces. To increase the value of the product, it is recommended to use and make the aqueous solution as follows.


Prepare 500g of Poongsan Germanium.

Prepare a bowl of about 20 liters that is narrow underneath and has a long snout so that the bubbling ingredients will not overflow.

Prepare 0.4 liters of 9%-vinegar (mixture of 10 bottles of water equal to 1 bottle of edible glacial acetic acid). Glacial acetic acid is recommended because it is inexpensive and will save costs on vinegar. When using vinegar, use other fruit vinegar other than brown rice vinegar because it does not stain well.

Pour 500g of Poongsan germanium powder into a 20-liter container and pour 0.4 liter of acetic acid (vinegar) into it, stir well and let it mix evenly for 24 hours. It's better to keep the lid closed at this point.

After 24 hours, pour water into the container and stir well. After 1~3 hours, pour only clear water into a 500-liter container, and fill it with plain water, which will become the desired 1,000-fold wettable powder. The ingredients that settled at the bottom should be thrown away on the banks, not on rice paddies or fields.

It is recommended to spray 300 times the standard amount on facilities houses, land and crops for preventing insects. Normally, spraying at 1000 times the standard amount regularly prevents 99% of insects, but when pathogens occur, spraying at 300 times the standard amount immediately, three times every three days, will complete sterilization.

Insect and pest problems can be resolved by spraying it three times in the morning, evening, and morning at 300 times the standard amount as soon as they occur.

Make an aqueous solution at one time and write it down well (Example: How many kilograms of raw materials, how many 500-liter containers) and dilute it in plain water frequently. Using it at 1,000 times or 300 times the standard amount will be convenient.

If you can stir it in a container or spray it with strong pressure, and if it is alright for you to have smudges from the chemical, it's best to spray it in plain water without having to put it in vinegar.

If the remaining aqueous solution is stored in a cool place, its effectiveness will not be affected later.


 How to make powder dilution

Before cultivating fields or rice paddies and working on rotaries, spray 1 kg of granules per pyeong (3.3 square meters) with basal fermentation and compost (containing nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium). The effect lasts five to seven years, so soil is sprayed once every five years.

For application of fertilizer, do foliar spray using the powder with water-based aqueous solution every year. If the soil is sprayed with basal fertilization and the powder aqueous solution is used as the autumnal rain, only a folic spray is required without root irrigation.

However, since granules slowly dissolve nutrients into the soil, it is better to do root irrigation in the first year.

How to make powder dilution

밭이나 논을 경운하고 로타리 작업하기 전에 과립(토양살포용)을 1평(3.3㎡)당 1KG을 (질소, 인산, 칼륨이 함유된)퇴비와 함께 기비(基肥)로 토양 살포하면 효과가 5~7년 지속되므로 5년에 1번 토양 살포한다. 

그리고 추비(追肥)는 분말을 물에 탄 수용액으로 매년 엽면시비하면 된다. 

기비로 토양살포하고 분말수용액을 추비로 사용할 경우에는 뿌리관주 없이 엽면시비만 하면 된다. 

그러나 과립은 영양소가 토양으로 서서히 용출되므로 첫해에는 뿌리관수까지 해주는 게 좋다.


Powder Dilution Method

During the crop’s growth period, use 1,000 times the standard amount of solution per 1,000 pyeong. 

When it is in seedling state, use 1000 times the standard amount (1kg powder: 1000L water) per 1,000 pyeong.

Storage and Validity Perio간

It is recommended to use an aqueous solution diluted with water immediately. 

Store the leftovers in a cool place. When you use it again later, you can untangle the entanglements and use them. Never mix with other solutions.


- Generally, it can be mixed. However, it is recommended to spray alone to reduce costs and prevent insect pests and maximize production.

- Compounds high in calcium, such as lime Bordeaux mixture and lime-sulphur mixture EM, shall not be mixed.

- If you are worried that the powder might clog the nozzle, soak it in regular vinegar 24 hours beforehand, add more water, dilute it, and stir well. After it sinks, pour       fresh water into the container and fill it with plain water to use conveniently. (Refer to the manufacturing method of aqueous solutions)





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